Blue mood in the kitchen

The Copenhagen joinery workshop Nicolaj Bo specializes in delivering customized kitchen solutions, where shapes, colors and materials are closely aligned with space possibilities and customer needs.

The residents of a large, older apartment in Copenhagen wanted a kitchen exclusively dedicated to the preparation and enjoyment of food. It was also demanded that wood should not to be too dominant in the room.

Therefore, Nicolaj Bo largely chose using linoleum, which, like wood, is an open and living material whose qualities are well suited for kitchen work.

Nicolaj Bo has furnished the kitchen area with a 4 meter long wall of high kitchen cupboards, a kitchen insula of 1.25 x 3 meters and a large dining table with a 3 meter long bench. The result is a spacious food workshop with ample space for culinary expressions and experiences.

For this particular kitchen, linoleum in a dusty blue color was selected.

Nicolaj Bo
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