Better bathroom furnishing with Kvik

In recent years, Danish kitchen manufacturer Kvik has raided its entire range of kitchens and changed more than 60 percent of the products. Now, the tun has come to Kvik’s range of bathroom furniture, and this summer a new bathroom range, consisting of 9 different elements, is launched.

The key words behind the new extended range are purity, functionality and simplicity. All surfaces are easy to clean, and emphasis has been put on optimal utilization of space. Furthermore, it is possible to customize the bathroom interior exactly to each customer’s needs and housing. The modules can be customized in height and width, and can also be adapted to other furnishing with Kvik products in the home, for example in the kitchen or the wardrobe.

The new bathroom furniture will be introduced in September 2016 and, at the same time, bathroom departments in all 135 Kvik stores in Europe will be modernized, so customers can get the best inspiration for new bathroom designs.

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