Baby cot from Leander which grows with the task


The Leander® bed follows the child from baby to junior.

The Leander bed can easily and quickly be converted into 5 different versions.

That way, you do not need to buy more beds.

The bed grows with the child – start with the crib bed with the raised bottom and high gables.

Later the bottom can be lowered.

When the child can crawl in and out of bed, then the other side of the bed can be removed.

Even later both the tall gables and the bars can be removed, and this way form a bed of 70 x 120 cm.

Finally, this bed can be extended to 70 x 150 cm.

And at the end the bed can be used as a nice little sofa in the room.

The bed is made of molded FSC certified beech and the surface is treated with water-based lacquer.

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