Awards to skilled joiner apprentices


Linda Marie Toft with her award-winning coffee table Herring Pattern.

Keeping to the tradition, awards were given to the year’s best joiner apprentices at the annual general meeting of the Association of Danish Wood and Furniture Industries in May 2014. The idea of the Apprentices’ Award is to promote the joiner education and encourage young people to choose a professional career in the woodworking and furniture industry.

Awards were given to the most three excellent pieces of apprentice works, and the first prize of DKK 30,000 went to Linda Marie Toft for the coffee table “Herring Pattern”, which is made of oak, wenge and birch. Linda Marie Toft is educated by Nobia A/S and has received her education at Herningsholm Vocational College. The jury found that the coffee table has a very beautiful and harmonious performed base, and that it is well thought out in terms of materials, form and function.