Certified Aubo fitters increase kitchen joy

The first team of certified Aubo fitters after a satisfactorily passed course.

At the Danish kitchen manufacturer Aubo, they know that the joy of a new kitchen is not just a matter of product quality and function. For the consumer, a new kitchen represents usually a major investment, and therefore it is also important that the kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe are fitted flawlessly.

“The product and the assembling represent a whole, and if there is a fault in one part, this will affect the end result, causing an annoyed customer,” says sales consultant Tom Hagelskjær from Aubo. He is the coordinator of a new course in kitchen assembly, which is held for the external fitters associated to Aubo stores in Denmark. Once the craftsmen have completed the course, they get a special certificate with the title “Certified Aubo fitter”.

“Today, installation of kitchens is a highly specialized trade,” Tom Hagelskjær explains. “It is not enough that the base is set plumb and level, and the cupboards are mounted. Modern kitchens include a lot of advanced technology, both when it comes to hinges, brackets and the like, and when it comes to electronics. If installation is not carried out exactly as prescribed, errors and problems will encounter, and the customers will not get the optimal benefit from their investments.”

The first 24 participants from all over Denmark completed the fitter course at Aubo in the spring of 2016, and to Tom Hagelskjær, the great support is a proof that the external fitters take great pride in delivering a properly installed product.

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