Aubo: More kitchen-miles to the gallon


CEO Torben Andersen, Aubo Production.

The Danish kitchen manufacturer Aubo Production continued its growth rate in 2014. For the fifth consecutive year, the company reported a growth in all key figures: revenue, profit, operating margin, net revenue per employee, and solidity.

Several factors have contributed to the growth of the family business: A large investment in information technology has made production more efficient, and increased involvement of employees has stimulated both productivity and competitiveness. Also in 2014, the company decided to withdraw from the retail market and has sold the last Aubo-owned kitchen store to an independent dealer.

CEO Torben Andersen expects the growth to continue in 2015: “We can feel the upturn in the Danish market, because consumers now prefer to use their savings rather than to leave it to no interest. But we live in times of political and economic uncertainty, and we can just be observant on the situation. Therefore, we also drive into 2015 with both hands on the wheel,” he emphasizes.

Aubo Production
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