ARV from Brdr. Krüger for NOMA


Brdr. Krüger has collaborated with Studio David Thulstrup on furniture design for the new restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen.

The pieces of furniture have been named ARV (the Danish word for heritage) and become a regular part of the collection at Brdr. Krüger.

The pieces of furniture are classic and at the same time very contemporary with an incredibly inviting and refined surface.

Although the ARV chair has a simple look, there are several design details behind.

Central here is a branch formation that connects the different parts.

The chair’s frame is made of oak, and the seat and back are hand-woven with paper cord, a detail which was important for NOMA’s founder, René Redzepi.

The table, both in a round and a square version, is constructed with the same branch formation as the chair.

ARV is a long-term result of various creative specialists’ efforts and thoughts.

See more on the website here – or invite one of your closest out for dinner:)

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