Anniversary chair from N. Eilersen


In 1895, the wheelwright Niels Eilersen founded his first workshop. 120 years and four generations later, the company is still owned by the family, but every generation has developed and changed it – without ever compromising on good craftsmanship.

Today, N. Eilersen is considered one of Denmark’s leading design furniture companies. Upholstered furniture is the core of the range, which also includes tables, bookcases, cushions, etc.

N. Eilersen marks its 120 year anniversary with the re-launch of a furniture classic, namely furniture designer Illum Wikkelsø’s simple and comfortable spindle back chair from 1958. The chair is available in two versions: Dining chair IW2 and rocking chair IW3 with rockers.

Both versions come spray-painted in 8 different colors: black, ivory, concrete, charcoal, navy blue, lime, scarlet and ginger.

N. Eilersen
Tel .: +45 6485 1008