An Eilersen on the floor

Here’s the extra pillow, you always miss to put your feet up on, to sit on or to rest your head on. We are talking about the floor pad Bag from upholstery furniture company N. Eilersen. Bag is a new kind of pouf that has more the character of a big, soft pillow, which can be moved around in the house and used as an additional piece of furniture in front of the television or the armchair.

Bag provides flexibility, as it can be easily moved around and placed as needed. Besides being extremely useful, Bag is also adding a visual eye-catcher to the floor. Bag can be upholstered with a removable cover from one of Eilersen’s many hundreds choices of fabrics or with Kvadrat or Gabriel fabrics.

Bag is designed by Nils Juul Eilersen who is the fourth generation of the owner family. It is available in the dimensions 100×100 cm or 80×80 cm. The height is 40 cm.

N. Eilersen
Tel.: +45 6485 1008