Akva Waterbeds launches leasing concept for the hotel industry


Danish waterbed manufacturer Akva Waterbeds has now launched a new offer for the hotel industry. The idea is to lease luxurious waterbeds environments to hotels and inns, which in this way can offer their guests an extra comfortable accommodation option.

Today’s hotel guests attach great importance to wellness and comfort, and these requirements are met by modern waterbeds with built-in heat and massage. A bed environment of this type, however, will cost 35-45,000 DKK to buy, and this will be a considerable expense for many hotels and inns, which in these years often are pressed on their earnings by hotel portals, etc.

By using the leasing concept, hotels and inns now can upgrade one or more rooms without extra investments. Thus, the hotels will be able to meet the increasing demand for e.g. romantic lover-weekends and thus obtain an additional source of income. After 5 or 6 nights, the monthly lease expense is paid, and the rest will be pure profit for the hotel.

At the same time, Akva Waterbeds hope that the hotel guests will be so pleased with the waterbeds that they might want to acquire one for their private home.

The leasing concept will initially be introduced at the Danish market.

Akva Waterbeds
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