AK 2730 distinctive classic sideboard


Nissen and Gehl mdd have designed the sideboard AK 2730 for the Naver Collection.

The sideboard comes in ash, oak, walnut or elm in numerous surface treatments such as soap, white oil, varnish, oil or black stained.

The sideboard measures 180 cm in length, is decked with a Corian top and stainless steel frame.

Behind the rounded shutters are three rooms. In the middle compartment, there are two trays, and in the two outer compartments, there are a total of three removable shelves.

AK 2730 is a distinctive sideboard that with its subdued design language beautifully lets the materials come to the fore.

In this way, the sideboard fits equally well in a private home such as a conference room in a workplace.

Read more about AK 2730 on the website here.

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