A very personal mirror


It is rare that a new piece of furniture stems from the designer’s personal needs – but this is actually the case with the mirror table Joy, designed by Danish furniture designer Nanna Ditzel in 1988.

After 18 years in London, Nanna Ditzel moved back to Copenhagen, where she established a workshop, a studio and a private residence in a house in central Copenhagen. At the top was her private apartment, and for the bedroom she needed a mirror with matching drawers. The challenge was to find a mirror that could utilize the light from the large windows in the room. As there were no suitable models on the market, she created it herself. She called the mirror Joy and had it painted in her favorite color turquoise.

Now design furniture manufacturer Getama has relaunched Joy, and in collaboration with a color expert, an additional six color combinations is offered.

Joy is made of lacquered maple. The height is 146 cm + 40 cm for the drawers. The net weight is 14 kg.

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