A tribute to the grand old man of Danish furniture design

Kaare Klint in his studio.

The Danish furniture designer and architectural professor Kaare Klint (1888-1954) can rightly be named the pioneer of Danish furniture design. It was Kaare Klint, with his thorough analysis of the interaction between human needs and usage of furniture laid the foundation for the functionalist tradition in Danish furniture design. In 1928, he founded the School of Furniture Design at The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and here he served as a mentor to many later known danish furniture architects and designers.

He is also known as the man who paid tribute to carpenter craftsmanship in a time, when industrial mass production were about to oust the craftsmanlike manufacture. Thus, he bears much of the credit for the fact that the Danish furniture industry today is still well known for its high quality of workmanship.

Now, renewed focus on Kaare Klint’s importance, as the Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen shows the special exhibition “Practice makes Perfect”. Here you can see a number of pioneering pieces of furniture, designed by Kaare Klint during his career. This furniture had a great impact on much of the posterity’s Danish furniture design.

The exhibition opens on 27 June 2014 and will be displayed until 27 February 2015.

See more at www.designmuseum.dk

The Faaborg Chair 1914 is one of Kaare Klint’s most iconic pieces of furniture.