A journey into the world of rattan


People who like handcrafted furniture, are often also interested in the manufacturing process behind the furniture. But unlike the many films on the production of wooden furniture available in the market, only a very few are dealing with manufacture of furniture in other materials. Now the Danish wicker furniture specialist Sika-Design has partially remedied this with the launch of a new presentation film about the production of rattan furniture.

The film is obviously intended as a marketing tool for the company and its products, but it also provides a fascinating insight into a sophisticated craftsman culture that combines a proud wickering tradition with a modern industrial production environment, where skills and job satisfaction are highly esteemed.

The film was shot on Silcane factory in Indonesia, which is owned and operated by Sika-Design together with its sister company Cane-line. The film has no narration or subtitles, but shows in beautifully toned pictures the entire manufacturing process, right from the raw rattan canes arrive at the factory, through processing and braiding until the furniture is finished.

Watch the movie here.

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