A good story about a historically good chair

“The Round Chair”, as Wegner called it, marks a breakthrough for Wegner and for Danish design.

The chair from 1949 is simply the essence of Danish carpenter tradition and design thinking.

As one of the first Danish design products, the chair was featured in a foreign media, the American magazine “Interior”.

It helped to start the international breakthrough for Danish design.

Wegner’s relationship with the chair remained balanced.

On several occasions, he explained that the chair could have been made several hundred years ago.

When John F. Kennedy met Richard Nixon in the world’s first television-broadcast election debate in 1960, they were sitting in “The Round Chair”.

It was chosen for its comfort and its stylish expression and played an important role in the historical event.

The Americans found a new and more pronounced name for this chair.

They called it ‘The Chair’.

See the election debate above.

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