A desk with a secret room


Architect Isabel Ahm has designed the desktop Runa.

Cabinetmaker Kjeldtoft is manufacturing the table, and the first edition was delivered to the presidential suite at the newly built hotel Viceroy in Dubai.

Runa measures 180 x 90 cm and contains four drawers, two on each side, integrated into the curved shape under the countertop.

Furthermore, there is a “secret room” under the countertop – if you can find it.

The table is reinforced so that it stands perfectly stable and without any vibrations.

Choose your wood variety, surface and size – for example, stained ash, Northern European oak, walnut or oil-treated smoked oak.

Runa means to whisper, advice or secret in Old Norse.

Runa is an exceptionally subtle, beautiful and well-thought-out design that you can see more of on Kjeldtoft’s website here.

Cabinetmaker Kjeldtoft
+45 8629 2022

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