A beautiful signature in the living room


The Danish furniture designer and cabinetmaker Frits Henningsen (1889-1965) was an uncompromising furniture designer who always produced his own designs, first as a small model and then in 1: 1 size. This also accounts for the last piece of furniture from his drawing board – the armchair Signature Chair – which was created in 1954. This chair was first made as a model of plasticine and matchsticks, before Frits Henningsen started to design and adapt the prototype of the frame at his  joinery workshop.

With this painstaking work process, it is not strange that the production time was long, and Signature Chair was originally only made 20 copies. It comes only rarely in auctions where it is sold at high prices.

Now, design furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son has acquired the design rights to the chair of Henningsen’s heirs, and expectations that this beautiful and stylish chair will find a new and wider audience is large. Signature Chair was relaunched at the Milan Furniture Fair 2015, where it got the product name FH429.

Signature Chair is available with frame of solid oak or walnut, and comes with several surface treatments and upholstery options in leather or fabric. It will be out in stores by September 2015.

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