A badminton racket on 4 legs


At the Milan Furniture Fair in April 2014, Snedkergaarden Them presented the relaunched chair ND-150, which originally was designed by the couple Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel in 1958. This chair was originally created for an auditorium at Glostrup County Hospital near Copenhagen, where it was a requirement that the chair should both be stackable and connectable in rows. These properties make the ND-150 suitable also for use in canteens, restaurants and meeting rooms, as well as in private homes.

The chair’s back and seat consist of laminated shells that have finials in solid wood. The frame is in tube steel, and the way in which the tubes connecting the back and the seat are attached to the solid finials, is inspired by the design of a badminton racket.

ND-150 is made in walnut and comes in 2 versions, with and without armrests.

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