8000: Still going strong at 35 years


The 8000 furniture series is a design icon at the furniture company Magnus Olesen, where it has been in continuous production since 1980. The series is unique, partly because of the patented assembly method without screws or dowels, and partly because of the wide applications of the furniture in business companies, institutions and public environments. The construction principle makes the furniture is extremely strong and supple despite its low weight.

The 8000 series includes a chair, two stools, three tables and a related series of children’s’ furniture, all of which are stackable. All 8000 furniture items are constructed with frames made of laminated wood, which are available in clear, white or black lacquer. The seats are available upholstered or with surfaces in linoleum, laminate or wood, while the table tops have surfaces in linoleum, laminate or wood.

Originators of the 8000 series are furniture designers Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sørensen, who through almost 30 years had a joint design studio specializing in innovative and user-friendly furniture in both wood and steel, which they created for several Danish furniture factories.

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