60 year old birthday chair dressed in artists’ colors


Arne Jacobsen’s world famous stacking chair 3107 – better known as No. 7 – celebrates its 60th birthday in 2015. As a tribute to the chair, which since its launch has sold more than seven million copies, manufacturer Fritz Hansen asked the Danish artist Tal R to create nine new colors. Tal R is internationally recognized for his unique sense of color, which is clearly reflected in the beautiful colors he has created with the new version of the chair.

The new colors provide new life to the design and let us see the iconic chair in a new light. Additionally, he has chosen to use two of the colors on both the frame and the shell in order to give the chair a monochrome look. It gives the 3107 a more welcoming and warm expression, which is new and refreshing. At the same time, the colors change themselves depending on light, space and time.

The 9 new colors that complement each other beautifully, are as follows:
• Opium Red
• Ai (indigo)
• Chocolate Milk Brown
• Trieste (blue)
• Hüzün Green
• Egyptian Yellow
• Altstadt Rose
• Evren Purple
• Chevalier (orange)

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