2018: Girls Ex Machina


During 3daysofdesign you can experience the exhibition “2118: Girls Ex Machina” in the lower floors of Nyt i Bo, Store Kongensgade 88 in Copenhagen.

Behind the exhibition is the female design collective Rundkant – an interdisciplinary design community that unites more than 20 female designers from Denmark’s architectural, artistic and design education.

The collective is experimenting with materials, approaches and form and questioning the norms.

When we talk about looking into the future, the stereotypical approach is to look at technology or global warming. But we often forget to look at the close and related future that is about how we live in everyday life, and what challenges, feelings or blessings we and our descendants are going to live with and learn to navigate in.

Maria Lyhne Grønaa, chairwoman of Rundkant

PS! At Nyt i Bo you can also visit Brdr. Krüger, Sika-Design and Getama.

Visit the female design collectives web site here.