150+: Beautiful furniture for the large sizes

One of the contributions to 150+ was Maria Alexandra Fabregat’s chair “Asymmetry”, which, with its open form, allows the large body to find several comfortable sitting positions.

For several decades, the human average body in the Western world has been changing. We have become significantly taller, and furniture designers and manufacturers have responded to this by creating higher tables and chairs.

But in recent years, more and more people gain very much weight, and designers should also be aware of this, so that they can create beautiful furniture for people with large body volumes, without getting the furniture to be characterized as aids, or conveying bias against overweight people.

This was the background for the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ booth at the Greenhouse talent section at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016. Under the collective title “150+”, 6 young students presented their individual proposals for chairs that fit the large body sizes. The students have interviewed a number of people in the target group and asked about their wishes and needs for furniture that can help them in their everyday life while also being an aesthetic experience.


From the 150+ -booth at the furniture fair in Stockholm.