1, 2 and 3 – and stereo sound is in your shelf


The Danish shelving manufacturer Montana has for several years had special speaker modules within its collection. Now the company goes one step further by launching Mon-tana Sound section 1-2-3, which is a complete stereo system in specially designed Mon-tana units.

Montana Sound section 1-2-3 is designed for those who want a simple solution: Power up, switch on, enjoy the good sound without letting technique and cables interfere im-pression.

As in the rest of the Montana Sound series, the electronics are developed in cooperation with Danish company Point Source Acoustics. The facility provides superior sound and full compatibility with various types of wireless streaming with AirPlay and DLNA.

Montana Sound section 1-2-3 comes in three sizes, all with integrated speakers in size medium and a Montana Sound unit. It is available in depth 38 cm and is available in all Montana’s colors.

Montana Møbler
Tel .: +45 6473 3211